Types of Curling Irons

I’ve been asked in the past about the differences between different types of curling irons and what features to look out for in one. There are mainly four things to look at in a curling iron:

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1. Brand name and warranty: Curling irons, like hair straighteners are not very long-lasting devices. On average, if a regularly used iron lasts 2-3 years, that’s a good one! Look out for products that offer a warranty. The curling irons available at our site are all researched by use for longevity and time tested by thousands of users. You should conduct your own research as well. The Internet offers reviews and information about most of these and buying something that is warranted will give you the piece of mind to know that your investment will last a certain time.

2. Safety features: A safety grip for two-hand use is must. Automatic shut off and ready indicators are very handy as well as protect you and your furniture from burns. I wouldn’t buy one without these features. Other safety features include a swivel cord to prevent tangling and built-in stands to provide a steady resting place.

3. Heat Settings: Lower heat is generally less damaging. If your hair is thin and easy to handle to start with, buy one that allows you to use a low heat setting. On the other hand, if you have coarse or thick hair, you might have to use an iron that has a high enough heat setting to work with your hair. Make sure that multuple heat settings are available. Even for coarse hair, you can often use a lower heat setting on conditioned har.

4. Barrel size: This is probably the first thing to look for. This is also a reason why you might want to consider buying two curling irons to begin with instead of spending all your curling iron budget on one. A bigger barrel size will help you get bigger curls and a smaller barrel size will get you smaller fine curls. Depending on your taste and hair texture, you should consider getting the right type.

Our team of professionals pick the best curling irons from around the world for you. Your comments and feedback are welcome.

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