Straight Hair Styles

Long and straight hair is always in fashion and looks great, if it is maintained well. The benefit of straight hair is that it is easier to maintain. But, there can be different texture of hair.

Straight hair can have three types of textures: coarse, medium, and fine.

A good hair cut is must to carry a good hair style. The hair cut should be done in a way that it should be flexible enough to hold different hair styles. Making a hair style that suits you is an art. Consult a hair stylist to suggest you the best hair style that suits on your face. For straight hair, there can be many hair styles.

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Some of the hair styles are as follows:

  • Blunt cut
  • Layers – starts at chin level and narrow down from there. To maintain layers, you should frequently trim your hair.
  • Lower layered bob with the long fringe
  • Short straight hairstyle with layers
  • Shoulder length hairstyle with front layers
  • If you have long hair, you can try long hair with a lot of flirtatious flips and long loose layers. You can get razoring or slicing done for the end of the hair.
  • Natural or synthetic hair extensions can be attached to your hair. Extensions look very natural and usually hard to identify.

For coarse hair, you can use balm to give your hair silky and shiny look. Curlers or rollers can be used to give curly look to your hair. To keep your hair in shape, trimming is very important. A chip and sliced haircut with great texture is in fashion and looks good also.

Here are some of the simple hairstyles that do not require much time and efforts:

  • Apply mousse: Apply mousse on your damp hair, flip head over, and blow dry. When you flip your head back, you will find more volume and texture in your hair.
  • Braid your hair: Braid your hair in a low ponytail. Leave an inch at the end and tie it with a soft elastic band.
  • Change the side: Changing the parting can also give you a different look. You can part your hair on the other side or you can try middle parting.
  • Highlighting: Highlight your hair in darker shade weaved into your natural shade.
  • Easy hair style: Make a loose, low ponytail. Curl the loose hair upward, and pin it with a large clip at the back of your head.
  • Use spray: Apply shine-enhancing spray, if you have dry hair. It will give shiny natural look to your damaged hair.
  • Use accessories: Use funky plastic clips in different colors.
  • Get beachy: Use surf spray, which is a mixture of salt and hair styling lotion in your damp hair. Rumble your hair with the fingers at the time of blow drying.
  • Sweep it back: Use a wide leather headband about an inch back from the hair line.
  • Set it right: Use hot-rollers to give curls at the end. Tie hair onto rollers held vertically, pin at your scalp. When the rollers are completely cooled, remove them.
  • Partial up do: Pull back a little portion of your hair and leave the remaining hair resting.
  • Bangs: Bangs look beautiful on any kind of hair style. Bangs can give you a totally different look and can conceal facial features such as high forehead.

Straight hair looks good, requires very low-maintenance, and is always in fashion. So keeping them in a good condition is your responsibility. there are another hair style like curler style made by hair curler, Olayer China hair curler manufacturer make all of hair styling tools including hair curling iron

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