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Die Casting Manufacturing Company

COMPLETE IN-HOUSE TOOL & DIE MAKING CAPABILITIES From design to casting, lead time reduced More economical Regular and prompt tool maintenance FAMILY DIE CONCEPT Production flexibility – one thousand to  one million pieces Less expensive tooling costs SECONDARY MACHINING Highly automated Including: drilling, tapping, reaming, broaching, facing, flycutting, undercutting BUFFING & POLISHING Straight-line buffers (automatic) […]

Polypropylene Plastic Resin

The Polypropylene market made its big move during the first quarter of 2004, rising about 9-10 cents in both the spot and contract market. Since then, offers for good railcars have maintained their levels in the high 30s and low 40s with copolymer trading about $.02/lb higher than homopolymer. Spot trading was very active in […]

Changing Metal Properties With Heat Treatment

Throughout history people have been creating things from different metals. Presumably the discovery of metal was an accident and probably caused inadvertently when a campfire burnt away some low melting point metal bearing ore and left the bewildered ancient with a crude metal lump. Most likely the first such metal would have been tin as […]

Aluminum die casting Issue Protection

The organization of aluminum die casting is loose, the pore rate is high, and contains a variety of metal and non-metallic impurities. The quality of anodic oxidation film is difficult to guarantee. In order to obtain normal oxidation film quality and avoid appearing white spots after Anodic oxidation film dyeing, we should take the following […]

High pressure die casting

Aluminum die casting Aluminum die casting is also known as high pressure die casting. To compare aluminum die casting with regular die casting, the former can prevent the products from blow holes and less air is trapped. Therefore, the process of aluminum die casting will results in higher quality casting products. Some of the more […]

Die Casting Company

GC si A China Die Casting Company’s machining and finishing department provides a wide range of value added capabilities featuring Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machining and turning. We can provide drilling and tapping via single spindles for lower volumes, and multi-spindle units on dedicated special equipment for high volume projects. We have the in-house capability […]

PS Injection Molding Process

1)    PS injection molding process property PS has low hydroscopic property, about 0.02%~0.3%, need not special dry before injection molding process. 2)    PS injection molding process property PS melt material has good flow ability, even though the plastic product with complex structure, PS is easy to molding, but sometime it may flash. 3)    PS injection molding process property […]

Injection Mold China

Injection Mold China All through the world, the Plastic Injection Molding Company is utterly famous and they are offering finest quality in making the plastic components. From the beginning, they have developed their techniques to elevate the precision to the peak level. The injection molding service is only service, which is offering top quality of products […]

Die Casting Technology

Plastic Molds & Die Casting Technology Plastic Molds is the widely used tool products in manufacture. Without die injection mould, die casting mold, extrusion tool/mold, deep drawing die and stamping die, factories would be unable to produce plastic parts, alloy die castings, steel plate parts and forgings which are widely used and have a competitive price. […]

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding Rayco is a full service custom plastic injection molding company. Our expertise ranges from critical tolerance engineering components to standard consumer commodity products. We are capable of producing all of the latest engineered plastic and thermoplastic materials, using the latest molding design techniques including Pro-E design. See us first when your demands are stretching […]

Magnesium Die Casting

The general Process and general information for Magnesium Die Casting Alloy & Tooling Die Cast Alloy AZ-91D Hot Chamber tooling Tooling consisting of hot half, eject half & slides   Process: Hot Chamber Process – melting furnace & die cast injection system all one piece. Magnesium injection temperature – 1000 degrees F. 165+ machine cycles […]

Aluminium Die Casting

The general Process and general information for making Aluminium Die Casting Alloy & Tooling Die Cast Alloys 380, 383, 384, 360, 413 & more Cold Chamber tooling Tooling consisting of hot half, eject half & slides   Process: Cold Chamber Process – melting furnace & die cast injection system separate from each other. Aluminum injection temperature […]

Zinc Die Casting

The general Process and general information about Zinc Die Casting Alloy & Tooling Die Cast Alloys #3, #5, #7, ZA 8, 12 & 27 Hot  Chamber tooling (sprue post & bushing) Tooling consisting of hot half, eject half & slides   Process: Hot Chamber Process – melting furnace & die cast Injection system all one […]

Die Casting Company

Die Casting Company From cost saving engineering design services to one of the most comprehensive die casting plants on the west coast. With manufacturing capabilities in our die casting department of over 4 million pounds per year using 9 die casting machines from 150 tons to 700 tons, Los Angeles Die Casting can provide its […]

Die Casting

The Die Casting Co. is a leading custom die caster located in China and is a division of die casting Industries  which operates 2 additional companies within China. To find out more about the die casting please visit their web site at http://www.thediecasting.com. The Die Casting Co., founded in 1999, has become a leader in the […]

Magnesium Die Casting

Magnesium Die Casting We are die casting manufacturer that offers Die Casting parts in aluminum, zinc or magneisum, There are many type of process to make die casting parts, such like high pressure die casting, sand casting, gravity casting, Lost wax bronze casting,Lost wax bronze castingclass lost wax casting every meat mavros silver sculpture is […]

Die Casting Mold

what is the permanent mold casting? The permanent mold casting process is the production of castings by pouring molten metal into permanent metal molds under gravity pressure.     How to make permanent mold?Metal molds usually are made of high-alloy steel or ductile iron, and the life time is from 50,000 to 100,000 or more . […]

Aluminum Casting Mold

Aluminum Casting Mold aluminumcasting.org is specializing in aluminum permanent mold casting, our products are mainly in various automotive brake valves, skate trucks and irrigation pipe couplers, our oversea market sales experience help us to understand customer¨s products well and keep our quality consistently. Making your cost lower, getting good quality parts and best service from China, […]

Aluminum casting

Aluminum casting   Aluminum casting machining is a specialized process, requiring careful attention to detail. Due to the ways in which castings are produced, machining them can be difficult. Although there are still some machine shops that specialize in manually machining castings, CNC machining has become the option of choice for today’s manufacturers.