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Magnesium Die Casting | Magnesium Die Casting China

Founded in the early 80’s, we. Magnesium Die Casting  company is a small die casting China company which has enjoyed steady expansion as a result of its commitment to the twin ideals of high quantity standards allied to technical innovation.

We are specializing in aluminium die casting, zinc die casting and magnesium die castings service to the world.

Enjoying close links with major international suppliers of magnesium alloys and die casting equipment. The company maintains a policy of continuous product improvement which has led to involvement in casting technology research program with several UK universities. To date, the results of this policy have been the development of the patented dry gooseneck system. Recent development include the involvement in providing technology to major casing companies and die casting machine manufactures. We look forward to working for you..

All castings are produced on hot chamber die casting machines ranging in size from 100 ton locking force up to 700 Ton on tooling specifically designed for producing magnesium. It is also possible in most cases to convert zinc and aluminium dies to produce magnesium alloy castings from them. An added advantage of the dry goosenec

k system fitted to all machines allows the rapid change over to different grades of magnesium alloy. Each machine has its own melting furnace which reduces the quantity of molten metal to a minimum. Casting are subsequently clipped to remove runners and risers prior to vibratory debiurring.

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Here are some examples of products supplied to customer requirements:

Magnesium alloy casting.

Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminium Die Casting | Aluminium Casting China

Zinc Die Casting

Injection equipment

PLC controls

Process Controls


We can design and build equipment and products to meet specific customer needs. Contact us with needs and we will work with you on specific projects if required.

Company History:

With over 25 years of experience producing magnesium alloy castings,Aluminum die casting and zinc die casting to customer specification including tool design .Designing and building hot end systems incorporating our dry gooseneck system. Recently involving ourselves with other casting requirement including the supply of process controls, machine refurbishment, safety systems and robotics All designed to meet specific customer requirements.

Optimise and automate to compete worldwide

The aims of our company:

To produce quality magnesium die casting, zinc die casting and aluminum die casting with superior metal quality using the company’s dry goose neck hot chamber die casting process which offers the benefit of a significant reduction in the entrapment of impurities, also with the utilization of die heating systems to  maintain die temperature, reducing start up scrap to a minimum and the improvement of dimensional stability.

Zinc Die Casting-

Zinc Die Casting | Zinc Die Casting China

Zinc die castings is the most efficient process for massive volume of requirement  precision zinc casting, can produce the high precision  tolerances and fast massive production, but for tooling costs is very high at the beginning .we are a professional zinc die casting China factory. It was established in 1999.

If you are looking for any type Die castings for your business, you should  be considered for components requirement of production parts at least 1000 pieces. of course this is depending on the part size and weight, All tolerances are also depend on part size and complexity; however, tolerances of ±0.002 are common. Hot chamber die casting cycle rates range from roughly 150 parts per hour for large components to over 2,000 per hour for small ones.

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The core competitiveness of our lies in its High precision die-casting tooling, Secondary machining , utilization of die-casting materials, and automation of production machinery.From the classification of its products, They are all involve with much high-tech applications including precision die-casting molds, 2nd machining , R/D of die-casting material and technology, and automation of production machinery. We believe that together with the R/D of high-tech products, finished products can be manufactured successfully.

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