About Us


We are an Aluminum Casting  Company,Was established in 1999 and has been in the die-casting field for over twenty-five years. We are located in  China with a total area of 22,000 square meters and have em

service for Aluminum die casting,zinc die casting, magnesium die casting from China to the world

ployee more than 1,200 people. Among these employees, there are more than two hundred people are high-level senior engineers and technicians. There are five departments, including mold development, die-casting , Secondary machining , painting and coating, marketing and sales.

We are specialized in Zinc and Aluminum die-casting. In recent years, the company has invested in the research and development of Magnesium die-casting. Its excellent ability in designing, development and manufacturing has won the recognition and trust of domestic as well as foreign customer. Both in Taiwan and China ”VShanghai plant are not only certified by ISO-9002 but also obtained the quality certification of QS-9000 Since 2003.


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